Automotive TTX Flow McPherson

Automotive TTX Flow McPherson
Öhlins TTX Flow Automotive McPherson

We first released the TTX Flow in 2017 for the MX market, then as an automotive shock absorber for the Rally and Rallycross markets in 2019. The new Öhlins TTX Flow, equipped with TTX technology and our patent-pending internal pressure regulation, marks a major step forward from previous mod-els. We have retained our proven TTX (Twin Tube) technology and developed a new ‘check-valve’ system to balance wide valve openings and quick open and close actions to handle a greater volume of oil flow. This new system cancels out smaller hits and keeps the chassis stable during big jumps.

The TTX Flow shock absorber delivers elevated traction, comfort, and pre-dictability, enhancing the stability of the car. It comes with 2-way compression adjustment and a dual-angle bleed needle for greater adjustability, along with a more effective rebound adjuster to help you find your perfect setting. The robust design of the McPherson strut, complete with a 60-mm tube, keeps friction low under any condition. Featuring our updated PDS (Progressive Damping System), with improved functionality; uses an all-new 1-way valve system, with fast reacting open and close functions so rebound damping is not affected. This system has been optimized for even better functionality, providing additional compression damping to the end of the stroke without compromising the rebound stroke.


  • Equipped with Öhlins’ TTX system (positive pressure buildup)
  • Patent-pending pressure technology
  • 3-way adjustable (2-way compression, 1-way rebound)
  • Separate rebound adjuster function
  • Dual-angle low-speed compression adjuster
  • 46-mm piston
  • Modular based
  • Shock absorber unit is easy to change; use different shock absorber units with different settings on the same Outer casing
  • Steel outer casing can be easily adapted by welding the upright clamp suited to your specific vehicle
  • Low-friction design
  • New PDS (Progressive Damping System)
  • Shared settings and setting bank with the TTX Flow shock absorber
  • Springs: Ø 80 mm (inner diameter)
  • Serviceable and rebuildable
  • 2-year warranty

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Automotive TTX Flow McPherson
Öhlins TTX Flow Automotive McPherson
Automotive TTX Flow McPherson
Öhlins TTX Flow Automotive McPherson