Service – wellbeing for suspension

Just as the oil in an engine needs to be replaced as part of a maintenance plan the oil in a damper should be exchanged because as with the engine oil it deals with extreme pressure, temperatures and friction.

With each stroke of travel, the smooth surfaces inside your suspension pick up microscopic particles of debris. Those particles are drawn into the oil and over time contaminate the interior passageways and valves. As the hours of use accumulate, so does the contamination. Your high-performance suspension will begin to lose its ability to generate damping forces.

To keep it performing at the highest level, frequent servicing is necessary.

At Öhlins DTC close to the Nürburgring suspension is serviced to the manufacturer's desired quality level. In addition there is a network of official Öhlins Service Centers that offer service and repair to the same quality standards.

At the following pages you will find all information regarding process and cost for suspension service for...