Supply of Approvals

For most of our products we provide operative licences such as "Allgemeine Teilegutachten" or "ABE", "GOCA" for Belgium and Luxembourgh or "FAKT" and "Manufacturers Approvals" for Switzerland.

These documents will be supplied together with the products. If you need one of these documents and if they are available we are happy to provide them free of charge for you.

Please note following conditions:

  • We need a clear proof concerning the product and its origin. If we can´t match the product by item code, batch number or pictures we reservce the right to deny sending these approval documents.
  • Generally we do not send any approvals via email or similar but only as a hard copy by mail or by fax.
  • This service is free of charge. We only need a proof by invoice, receipt or something equal that the products was bought in one of our responsible countries.
  • Even für private purchases (i.e. EBay) we need such an explicit evidence. An oral or written statement from the seller is not sufficient.

HERE you can find an overview of the countries Öhlins Europe is responsible for.

Please fill in the attached form and send this together with a copy of the invoice/receipt (if existing) and pictures via email ( or fax (+49 2691 937 78 90).

Please send an individual form for each product.

We will evaluate your information first and then send you the correct document for your product. The lead time for this will be 3 to 5 working days

Thank you very much for your support. We ask for your patience while we are processing your request.

Your Team from Öhlins Europe