TTX 22 M.2 Trunnion Piggyback MTBM 2248, 205x65mm

The new TTX22m.2 builds on the supreme levels of big hit performance, traction and control that have made the original the go-to shock choice for serious gravity riders.

The TTX22m.2 benefits from improved bottom out performance thanks to a newly designed bump rubber, as well as the cup it sits in. The significantly improves mid to end stroke control as a result of earlier engagement and more consistent, predictable support. The new design also has the added effect of lowering the risk of a hard bottom out that may affect handling.

Changing the spring and stroke is an easy operation on the TTX22m.2 and no special tools or shock disassembly are required. The updated shock´s blue trail high-speed compression valve also provides a wider adjustment range. This gives riders more distinct alternatives to choose from when customizing setup, with added support in the pedal mode to make the bike a more efficient climber. The golden DH compression valve retains the same adjustment range as the original, which is already perfectly optimized for gravity riding.

Technical Specifications:

  • Twin-Tube-Technology (TTX)
  • Specially designed for Gravity/Enduro segment
  • Newly designed bump rubber and cup
  • Nitrogen pressurized bladder reservoir system
  • Spring weight has been reduced
    • Easy to set up with a wider adjustment range to suit different riding conditions
    • Easy to change spring and stroke - no special tools or shock disassembly required
    • Available in metric lengths/strokes
    • Length 205 mm
    • Stroke 65 mm
    • Aluminum design, hard anodized
    • Fully serviceable and rebuildable
    • 2 years limited warranty


    • 3 clicks high speed compression damping
    • 16 clicks low speed compression and rebound damping
    • 7 clicks rebound damping


    • Series 18077-xx
    • Available in steps of 4 N/mm (23 lbs/in)

    Purchased parts package:

    • 1x shock absorber TTX22M Trunnion Mount Piggyback
    • 1x Coil spring (selection regarding riders weight)
    • Owners manual

Part number

MTBM 2248