Front Fork Springs

If the fork spring of your motorcycle is too soft this can have negative effects on the damping as well as cornering precision and cornering behaviour. But springs that are too hard can have also negative effects and are often uncomfortable to ride, especially for experienced bikers. Does your motorcycle need an improvement at the ‘front end’? Then replacing the high-quality fork springs from Öhlins is a very cost-effective and efficient way of doing that. Convince yourself!

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Öhlins Motorcycle FSK 100 series (sample image)
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Öhlins Motorcycle FSK 100 series (sample image)
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Why is it worth changing the fork springs?

The motorcycle that you receive from the factory is usually tuned to suit as many riders as possible. However, everyone has his or her own preferences and riding ability. That is why the bike should have a perfect individual set up to YOU. This requires some adjustments. Fork springs are a clever way to optimize your bike performance without much effort.

Because if the damping is adjusted to your need this also ensures a good balance of the whole damping system. The result is increased stability, improved comfort and excellent response. Great feedback and pure performance. Every passionate rider wants this feeling.

Individual riding fun with front forks from Öhlins

If you decide to exchange the front forks, it is important to choose a model, which fits perfectly to your bike. That is not all though, your individual characteristics (like size, weight and riding style should be considered in the decision.

Öhlins offers a big range of front forks with different spring rates. You will find the best solution for many bike models. It does not matter if you have a Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, BMW or Yamaha, every bike and rider can benefit from such an upgrade. Our products raise the performance of most motorcycles to a whole new level.

We only use high-end material for our fork springs, which guarantee the usual quality and durability of our products. The careful choice of materials and the precise manufacturing techniques enables a maximum tolerance of the highest 1,5% spring rate. Our advice: use the specially developed fork oils from Öhlins. This increases the consistency in response and performance even more.

Fork springs for your motorcycle

Are you looking to make your ride even more intense? Changing your fork springs is the perfect way! We at Öhlins offer a big range of high-quality fork springs for your front fork. Please make sure that the spring rate at the front and the rear are matched. This is important for the balance of your bike and will enable you to make the perfect set up for your bike.