Öhlins FKC Cartridge Kit Custom & Heritage FKC 101

The Öhlins FKC Cartridge Kit introduces Öhlins advanced suspension technology to the front forks of the popular line of Harley Davidson FLH/FLT Touring Baggers. Built on the race proven Öhlins NIX technology, the front fork cartridge damping system vastly improves performance, comfort and vehicle control for the Harley-Davidson front forks.

To maximize the damping performance available in confines of a fork leg, compression and rebound damping are separated between the legs. Also, we did away with the hassle of external adjusters. Just install and enjoy! Of course, optional spring rates are available for individual rider weights, preferences and use of the bike.

The Öhlins cartridge system fits into the original front fork, springs have to be ordered individually. Please follow our recommendations regarding spring rates and oil in relation to rider's weight and preference listed in the specific cartridge kit's mounting instruction.

Part number

FKC 101

Type Code

25mm Cartridge Kit R&T

Technical data

Stroke:117 mm
Spring series:08419-Serie
Recommended oil:01309
Oil level mm:80
Packaging unit:pair


The front fork springs needs to be ordered separately with part no 08419-10 (rate 10 N/mm)

For lowering this Cartridge kit you need to order a separate kit with part no 08865-01. Lowering will be ca. 25mm. Springs with 13N/mm rate are included in the package.

It is recommended to contact an authorised ÖHLINS Service Center for installation.

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