Öhlins STX 22 Cartridge Kit MX & Enduro FCX 0104

These kits are designed based on the Öhlins TTX22 cartridge kit for the bigger bikes and share a lot of the features with these kits and the experience it has from top level racing around the world. As such it’s one of the most powerful cartridge kits available for 85cc bikes.

This kit has been designed to rise very low above the fork leg ends, thus allowing the forks to be mounted far up in the triple clamps with a small clearance to the handlebars. This allows for lower bikes for the smaller riders in the class. Click adjusters and air breather are easily reachable as they are angled out from underneath the handlebar.

The kit is also designed to achieve a quick and continuous response in the damping which directly slows down upcoming motions without harshness. It has a very reliable and constant damping characteristic in every stroke and during the whole race so the behavior is predictable and consistent.

Part number

FCX 0104

Type Code

STX Cartridge Kit MX

Technical data

Stroke:204 mm mm
Recommended oil:01330-xx
Packaging unit:pair


To be used with Standard OE Springs.
Please check with your Yamaha Dealership for alternative springs.

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