Öhlins TTX36/TTX39 EC Adventure Shock Absorber BM 670

By using Öhlins TTX shock absorbers and the technology on front forks, we can add electronic adjustments to the motorcycle suspension.

To make a true improvement, the algorithms used to control the chassis balance, needs to be at a very sophisticated level. Since we develop our own software based on motorcycle chassis knowledge since 40 years, we can make true semi active suspension to more and more bike models. It is as if you had an Öhlins technician onboard during the ride, adjusting the clickers.

We also develop our own suspension control units (SCU) as well as our own Man Machine Interface (MMI) – the Öhlins Dashboard.

Part number

BM 670

Type Code


Technical data

Position:front + rear
Packaging included:Kabelbaum und SCU
Packaging unit:kit


For models with ESA suspension only!

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