Öhlins Advanced Trackday Coilover Suspension

We want you to achieve the best lap time at every trackday, which is why we’ve developed our Advanced Trackday product range. With separate adjustable compression and rebound damping you can optimize your performance easily. Because everyday should be a trackday-day. Take a look around in our online shop and find the perfect Öhlins application for your car.

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Öhlins Automotive Advanced Trackday Porsche Cayman GT4 981 982 front and rear
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Straight from the racetrack

Our Advanced Trackday Kits are developed in cars that have their home on the racetrack. From our extensive experience in this area we have designed suspension addressed for amateur but ambitious sports drivers and trackday drivers. Are you also looking for the highest level of performance? Then our products are just right for you!

For good reason Öhlins applications are widespread in many top motorsport series such as GT and touring car events. Our TTX-technology keeps the car balanced so that you only have to concentrate on the track. Moreover, after the racing fun, your car will bring you home just as safely.

To keep this sensible balance between race and street use we have tested our suspension units intensively. In addition, to make sure that you use our products the whole year round, our products undergo a hard salted spray test after ISO 9227. We guarantee this exquisite quality with a worldwide, 2-year guarantee!

Diversity in Advance Trackday Kit

Each of our Advanced Trackday products is developed and coordinated for a specific model. Separately adjustable in compression- and rebound damping, the TTX suspension offers together with spring preload adjustability an incredible amount of possibilities to adjust the vehicle to the individual needs of the driver.

We have our legendary Twin Tube Technology (TTX) options but also offer products in the McPherson, Upside Down or conventional shock absorber formats for your next trackday. Our applications are 2 way adjustable or after modification; 4 way. You can also adjust the height individually and on some models, you can change suspension length.

We use lightweight aluminum components to give extended durability so you can benefit from your upgrade for a long time. Developed on the racetrack for daily street use also. You will bring reliability and performance to your car. Do not miss this experience. Test your limit - we'll see us on the track.