Professional Motorsport Rally & Offroad Automotive TTX Flow TTX46RX

The Öhlins Flow-technology is now available to our customers in the Rally and RallyX market. With our TTX-technology and patent-pending internal pressure regulation, this new shock is a step forward compared to other shock absorbers. We retained our TTX-technology but redesigned the ‘check-valve’ system to balance wide valve openings and quick open/close actions to handle a large volume of oil flow.

The Automotive TTX Flow gives the car improved traction, comfort and predictability which enhance the stability of the car. It’s also easy to adjust to find the perfect setting for the stage and driving style. The base model comes equipped with a general damping adjuster on the shaft and a low-speed compression adjuster on the cylinder head.

Technical Specifications

  • TTX-technology
  • Patent pending pressure technology
  • 46 mm piston
  • PDS (Progressive Damping System)
  • Modular based
  • Wide range of springs

Available Applications

  • ALR 0T71: Overall length 582 mm, Stroke 195 mm
  • ALR 0T72: Overall length 631 mm, Stroke 218 mm
  • ALR 0T73: Overall length 708 mm, Stroke 256 mm

Part number

ALR 0T71, ALR 0T72, ALR 0T73