TRE (7-Post Shake Rig)

As part of a partnership with TRE, Öhlins offers its customers onsite damper development including r

TRE and the Öhlins Distribution & Test Center in Meuspath at the Nürburgring work closely together developing suspension systems for customers. This combined solution ensures that customers receive a full programme of dynamic analysis and settings optimisation during their visit to TRE.

The key to TRE's work is their advanced dynamometer machines, including the flagship 7-Poster Rig specialising in Vertical Dynamics for the ultimate chassis dynamic data acquisition. The facility offers a 'Track Replay' function which is an advanced method of replaying an entire lap around a racetrack of the customer's choosing on the rig (including the Nordschleife).

The use of the TRE facility for Öhlins customers reflects the brand's own ongoing commitment to provide the absolute highest level of technical competency.

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TRE (7-Post Shake Rig)
Öhlins DTC & TRE, image: Lungo Photography
TRE (7-Post Shake Rig)
Öhlins DTC & TRE, image: Vision G5