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As a racing team, GT Sports is one of the best in Europe. Thanks to the success and professionalism with more than 20 years of experience in motorsport, the professionals from the GT Sports team belong to the absolute top.

GT Sports has worked with the most successful teams and drivers in Europe, participating in famous racing series such as FIA GT3, ADAC GT Masters, DTM, Le Mans 24h, European Le Mans Series, A1, Lamborghini SuperTrofeo and others. Among the team's current main sporting activities are primarily Sprint and Endurance races for GT3 cars. GT Sports in Prague has combined the experience, interplay and responsibility of all its members to form one of the most stable and reliable European teams.

As a Performance center, we are number one on the market with several years of experience in modifying and servicing cars. We offer modifications of well-known brands such as Manthey Racing, Techart, OPUS Innovation, Kline Innovation or FI Exhaust, but we also offer our own kits and modifications developed and produced directly by us, so-called "in-house".

All Porsche modifications are "Porsche Approved" and in accordance with the warranty conditions. Packages for GT3 and GT4 cars are specially tested on the circuit, and the proof is always the record lap times at the Autodrom in Most.

Vehicle modifications

We offer all possible and sometimes almost impossible vehicle modifications. From increasing performance, through the installation of body kits and other accessories, to rebuilding the brakes or the entire exhaust system. All you have to do is choose and request an adjustment.

Vehicle service

In addition to servicing racing cars, modifying sports cars and increasing performance, we also offer classic servicing and repairs on ordinary cars, such as changing oil and filters, changing oil in gearboxes or servicing brakes and replacing brake discs and linings.

Service of racing vehicles

We primarily offer service and operation of GT3 racing cars. The team of mechanics specializes in the preparation, service and rebuilding of racing cars as well as running them in championships such as the Blancpain GT Series, ADAC GT Masters, VLN and others.

Test Models

  • Porsche 911 GT3 (991)
  • Toyota Yaris GR

General Contact

Lukavecká 1732
Horní Počernice
193 00 Praha 9
Czech Republic

Phone +420 775 897 820

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