Öhlins Motorcycle Front Fork Springs 08429-xx

Exchanging the front fork springs is one of the most cost effective way to improve the bike's front fork. Together with the specifically developed high-quality oil from Öhlins, a considerable improvement in the responsiveness and performance of an original fork can be achieved.

Öhlins offers a wide range of linear springs to suit each individual type of bike, rider weight and personal preferences for installation into the standard front fork. Well chosen material and high-end manufacturing guarantee less the 1,5% difference regarding spring rate.

The NIX 30 Street cartridge kit features new designed black top caps to give the bike a more subtle look. The “NIX” technology is developed from high level racing such as WSBK to deliver the utmost performance on road as well as on track. Changing to the NIX 30 street cartridge kit is easy. It fits bolt on in the standard fork legs and gives you adjustable compression and rebound damping separated in each leg, as well as preload adjustment, all accessible from the black top caps.

The NIX 30 Street cartridge kits are delivered without springs. The springs need to be ordered separately to suite customer’s choice of spring rate.


  • Front fork springs -60, -65, -70, -75 fitting the cartridge kits FKS 203 (Yamaha R25/R3/MT-03).
  • Front fork springs -85, -90, -95, -10 fitting the cartridge kits FKS 204 (Yamaha MT-07/XSR 700) and other FKS 2xx cartridges.

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Front Fork Springs


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