Öhlins Front Fork Springs Cartridge Kits 08423-xx

Öhlins cartridge kits are based on our experience learned through decades of testing and racing in high tier championships. Our cartridge kits deliver loads of performance together with stable damping characteristics while ensuring great comfort and contributing to rider confidence.

The cartridge system fits into the original front fork, springs have to be ordered individually. Please follow our recommendations regarding spring rates and oil in relation to rider's weight and preference listed in the specific cartridge kit's mounting instruction.

These front fork springs are designed for Öhlins cartridge kits NIX 22 (FKS 200), NIX 30 (FGK 200) and NIX 30 Street (FKS 500).


  • Front fork springs -60 option for cartridge kit FKS 513 (KTM 790 Duke).
  • Front fork springs -80 for cartridge kit FGK 230, FGK 237 and FKS 504.
  • Front fork springs -90, -95 and -10 for cartridge kit FGK 230 and FGK 237.

Fits the following vehicles

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