MTB Mounting Kits STX 22 Air Mounting Kit 8x21.8mm 14mm Eyelet

The STX22/TTX Air and TTX22m Universal MTB shock absorber is mounted with bushings at top and bottom. The shock absorber comes with 2 bushings.

The additional mounting kits consist of bushings, plastic- or aluminium spacers and o-rings to mount the damper to mountain bikes with different mount width and bolts. To determine the required mounting kit for your bike please measure the width of the damper mounting points on your bike.


  • 1x Hülse Metall 21,76 mm x 12,00 mm, 8 mm Bohrung
    2x Spacer 3,00 mm x 15,64 mm, 12 mm Lochdurchmesser
    2x Dichtungen

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Fits for Mountain bikes