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Most motorcyclists are probably familiar with this: you're riding smoothly, enjoying the speed and then suddenly get torn out of that moment as your handlebars shake aggressively from side to side. The right steering damper can get rid of this feeling. With our Öhlins products, we offer you a diverse selection for a wide variety of bikes. This means that your bike remains stable and you can keep having fun in a confident way! Discover for yourself and find the right model in our online shop!

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Öhlins Motorcycle steering damper Blackline (sample image)
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Öhlins Motorcycle steering damper (sample image)
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Why do you need a steering damper

If you are on the road and are perhaps accelerating, the handlebars may become ‘restless’. This ‘shaking’ has a negative affect on stability and thus on your safety. If there is a bump on the road or incline, risky situations can quickly arise, sometimes leading to a ‘tank slapper’. That is why you should use a steering damper. It absorbs unwanted handlebar movements and limits them clearly. This hydraulic damping element is worth it’s weight in gold, especially with rather light models which are very powerful. With our steering dampers you can trust in more stability even on bumpy, undulating road and you will also get much more feedback from your bike.

Öhlins steering damper

Powerful and light bikes, braking, sharp turns and acceleration- this is our area of expertise. Racing is our DNA and we transfer all the experience we have gained there to our street products. On the one hand, we offer in our product range universal steering dampers. These have different strokes, which affects how much steering stop is permitted. The more stroke the damper has the longer it’s ‘housing’ will be.

One the other hand Öhlins offers steering dampers, which fit exactly to one model. These are designed for specific bikes and perfectly matched to their requirements. In our online shop you´ll find steering dampers for machines from Yamahas, Honda, BMW, Kawasaki and Ducati. Even with these great bikes we can improve them and show the excellence of our products!

And they also have something to offer visually. You can now opt for the classic steering damper in matt steel gray and with the typical yellow Öhlins detail … or do you prefer the Blackline steering dampers, offering a glossy black design with yellow highlights. Our steering damper looks perfect on each bike. Try it and enjoy a safe, comfortable ride with fun and confidence in every run.

In order to always be safe on the road and not to be afraid of the handlebars hitting you, you need the right steering damper. You can buy yours here!