steering damper MX & Enduro SD 573

The evolution of technological solutions has been added to the design throughout the years but now it is time to launch a whole new concept. The new silhouette is a result of a much easier way of mounting the damper under the handlebar.

The new steering damper is now equipped with a completely new valving system, eliminating any fluctuation of the damping characteristics depending on making a left or a right turn. The new UniFlow feature is actually a system that controls the flow of the hydraulic fluid into only one direction hence the new fluctuation free damping curve. The system is also pressurized to compensate any temperature changes. The new easy way of mounting
the damper broadens the list of MX bikes that can be fitted with this model.

Fits for vehicles

  • Gas Gas EC 300 2T (2013 – 2014)

    • No approval

Part number

SD 573

Type Code

steering damper MX & Enduro

Technical data


Damper body! Mounting kit needs to be ordered separately.