Öhlins Accessoires Motorcycle Products Mechanical Preload Adjuster Type 2 MX & Enduro

For model year 2022 we are releasing a brand new spring preload device for the TTX flow DV series shock absorber to be purchased as an accessory part.

The entire range of TTX Flow DV for 2022 is prepared to accept the adjuster together with all recommended spring rates. The device is purely mechanical and uses a rack and pinion system to translate your adjustment into spring preload. Install the device at a recommended base preload level and with the easy use of an 8 mm Allen key you have 10 mm of available adjustment at your hands.

The spring preload is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when setting up your bike and changing it between different track conditions. By installing the preload adjuster you will enable easy adjustment and therefore a better setup for your ride.


  • KTM Enduro models
  • Yamaha, Honda CRF250/CRF450

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