TTX 30 Shock Absorber MX & Enduro KT 1698

Öhlins MX & Enduro shock absorbers are delivered without spring. The correct spring for the riders weight must be ordered separate. Information regarding the suitable spring series as well as recommendations for the spring rate can be found in the product details and in the mounting instructions.

Fits for vehicles

Part number

KT 1698

Type Code


Twin tube

Twin tube

Piston diameter

Piston diameter: 30 mm

type P

Monotube high pressure gas type of shock absorber with external “piggy back” reservoir.


Shock absorber delivered without spring, needs to be ordered separately.

TTX36 R1 rebound damping adjuster
TTX_GP R1 rebound damping adjuster

Adjustable rebound damping. Black adjuster on TTX36 shocks / silver adjuster on TTX GP shocks.

TTX36 C1 compression damping adjuster
TTX GP C1 compression damping adjuster

Adjustable compression damping. Gold adjuster on TTX36 / TTX GP shocks.

Technical data

Spring series:00181-Serie
Packaging unit:pieces


This shock is delivered without spring. The spring has to be ordered individually in relation to the riders weight. See spring list for recommendation.