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Do you love pure performance? You need more than the spec offered from the bike straight form the showroom? Then you should think about changing your front forks. In our online shop you will find the right product for you and your bike. Whether for universal use or specifically designed for your model: Our Motorcycle forks are the ultimate upgrade. Do not miss this opportunity!

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Öhlins Motorcycle Front Fork Piston Kit
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Öhlins Motorcycle Front Fork Piston Kit
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Öhlins Motorcycle Front Fork Piston Kit
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Two types of motorcycle forks

The motorcycle forks from Öhlins are designed either as telescopic forks or as Upside-Down-versions. The USD fork is currently considered state-of-the-art and shows once again that we always have our finger on the pulse - for you.

Now you have to make a decision: Choose between a universal fork or a fork that fits to you specific model. What´s the difference? Our universal models can be adapted to many different motorcycles with additional attachments. So ideal for customizers or non-standard front end machines.

The most comfortable version are our ‘Plug-and Play’ products. They are specific to one model, which mean that the fork fits only to one bike. To explain we have tested intensively and perfected it in the development phase so that the setting, spring rates, etc., were just right for your machine. This means that you can now simply install your upgrade and immediately enjoy the increase in performance.

Front forks for every taste

Of course the front fork has to fit to you and your riding style and preferences. But no worries: In our online shop you will find products for all areas. From Adventure to Custom and Street to MX & Enduro. As we all come from the race track, we are particularly interested in the sports riders who want to move quickly and safely on the road or track day. Our products can be adapted to individual needs, for example to take influence from your riding behaviour or go into fine detail from the rider´s weight. Always with the target to get the most out of your bike.

If you do not want to invest in a complete front fork you can change the fork internals with a new cartridge kit from Öhlins. Cartridge kits offers you the possibility to adapt the bike to individual weight, the right spring rate and the perfect setting.

Upgrade from Öhlins

Whether it is the desire for a very individual bike or the desire for maximum performance - with our Öhlins motorcycle forks you take a big step towards fulfilling your riding dreams. You can always rely on our quality. We have developed all products with a lot of know-how, tested them intensively and offer a 2 year guarantee. Discover for yourself the full possibilities of your bike!