FKA Cartridge Kit Adventure FKA 109

Based on the well proven NIX technology from our Road & Track product line, Öhlins developed the FKA cartridge kits for Adventure Bikes improving these in terms of comfort and overall performance.

Thanks to the FKA cartridge kits from Öhlins the bike now has a fully adjustable front end. Rebound damping is on one leg and compression in the other leg, with adjustable spring preload in both legs. Different springs are available for riders individual demands as well as an effective hydraulic stop inside the kit to prevent bottoming. Front fork springs need to be ordered separately.

Part number

FKA 109

Technical data

Length:826 mm
Stroke:200 mm
Spring series:08416-serie
Recommended oil:01309-01
Oil level mm:90mm
Packaging unit:pair


Front fork springs (08416-xx series) & oil needs to be ordered separately.

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