Öhlins TTX 25 Cartridge Kit (FGR 100) FGR 162

Straight from Öhlins vast MotoGP-experience, the new TTX 25 pressurized cartridge kit is the thing to have for riders with high demands. Designed for highend top level racing, this cartridge kit will give you loads of performance.

The TTX 25 cartridge kit maintains damping at higher frequency, which improves the control of tire vibrations. The improved dynamic behavior, due to the pressurized system, results in a more controlled movement. It also improves the response time of the damping force build-up after each change of direction, noticed for the rider as an improvement of the tire contact feel.

Part number

FGR 162

Type Code

TTX25 Cartridge Kit R&T

Technical data

Stroke:125 mm
Spring series:04744-Serie
Packaging included:springs 9.0, 9.5, 10.0


It is recommended to contact an authorised ÖHLINS Service Center for installation. Race Track use only.

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