Authorised Dealer and Service Center for Öhlins Motorcycle Products

Our authorized dealers and service centers for Öhlins motorcycle products are happy to support you with any request around Öhlins products.

Test Ride Center

To offer to our customers to possibility to assure oneself regarding the high quality and outstanding performance of our products, our Authorized Dealers and Service Centers provide a wide range of test bikes equipped with Öhlins motorcycle products. At an Öhlins Test Ride Center you can try different Öhlins products with variable motorcycle brands and models on public roads before making a final decision.

Here you can find the different Öhlins Test Ride Centers as well as information about their test bikes, opening times, contact and more.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Vulic Racing Motor d.o.o. | Öhlins dealer

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Svetozara Markovica 3
78000 Banja Luka
Phone: + 38 751 488 353
Fax: +38 751 300 151