Öhlins STX 36 Classic MX Shock Absorber CC 607

These shocks has been developed for the older generation of Off-Road Bikes. They are available in different lengths with different type coldes. Also they are well known in the Custom Bike Szene, easy to use them because of the different lengths. Springs are always in black for these shocks.

Part number

CC 607

Type Code


Single tube

Single tube

Piston diameter

Piston diameter: 36 mm

Öhlins Motorcycle type D

Monotube high pressure gas type of shock absorber with internal reservoir in the main body.

Technical data

Length:340 mm
Stroke:105 mm
Rate N/mm:prog.12-14.6 N/mm
Mounted spring:00180-90
Packaging unit:pair


Black springs

Fits for vehicles