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Replacing the front forks on your motorcycle could bring you a decisive advantage in terms of performance, but are the costs currently too high for you? Choose one of our Cartridge Kits instead. These replace the standard internals and brings various improvements to your riding experience. We offer many different variations in our product portfolio that are sure to fit to your motorcycle type. Make the difference and choose your cartridge kit here in our online shop.

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Öhlins Motorcycle FKR 1xx (sample image)
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Öhlins Motorcycle FKR 1xx (sample image)
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Öhlins Motorcycle FKS 200 series (Sample image)
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What is the advantage of a Cartridge Kit?

Are you wondering what replacing such a component can do for your bike? Answer- a lot! Our cartridges, for example, significantly optimize the responsiveness of your motorcycle and give you performance gains. The damping gets more stable and the riding comfort increases accordingly. But how is this possible?

The answer lies in our exclusive Öhlins technology. By replacing the inside of your front fork, you introduce a bit of racing experience into your motorcycle. Our cartridge kits are based on a proven design. Rebound and compression damping are separate in different fork legs, which promotes precise functionality. And there is more: Our kits can also be customized in a variety of ways, for example regarding the rider’s weight, spring rate and other settings. In the end, you will receive an upgrade that is perfectly tailored to you and your motorcycle.

Large Product portfolio

If you decide for a cartridge kit application from Öhlins, you gain high-quality internals for your standard fork. The spring is not included but can also be ordered in our online shop. Please follow our recommendations for the spring rate depending on the rider´s weight.

Our product portfolio includes numerous variants of cartridge kit so you can find the right model for your motorcycle, which fits, to your preferences. Öhlins offers cartridges, which are the ideal technology for motorcycle with conventional front forks (e.g. NIX 22 Cartridge Kit), as well as cartridge kit for racers (e.g. NIX 30 Cartridge Kits). All products are available in our online shop.

Öhlins has also developed specialized modules such as the STX22 Cartridge Kit & Enduro, which is based on the TTX22 version for large motorcycles. The FKA Cartridge Kit Adventure is also a specialized cartridge kit, which maximises comfort and performance for Adventure Bikes.

These are only a few examples. Don´t miss this cost-effective upgrade, which makes a big difference. Order your Cartridge Kit here in our webshop and get one-step closer to the perfect riding performance. As usual, our products meet high internal quality standards, so will be a faithful companion for many a trip! Explore for yourself…