Professional Motorsport Circuit TTX36

The demand for a light weight damper with an integral reservoir, suitable for cars like Formula 3 or old-timers paved the way for the TTX36 Inline.

This made the TTX36 possible to use where it previously with an external reservoir wasn't possible. It has since the launch in 2009 been frequently used in single seaters and in applications where external reservoirs are not allowed.

The damper has an inline reservoir with improved internal oil flow and is of a non-through rod type. The configuration out of the box is two way adjustable, one way compression and one way rebound. But it is easy to uprade it to three and even four way adjustable.

The big advantage with this damper is the integral reservoir that makes it a very compact and easy to use package. A lenght calculation program is also available that can guide you through the "build" of the damper and show all parts needed to build a complete damper for a specific need.

Five lengths are available from 283 mm up to 490 mm, measure without end- and top eye.

The TTX36 is also available in a piggy back version with an external reservoir. Still with a compact light weight design this versatile racing shock absorber is 2-way adjustable but can also be upgraded to 3- and 4-way adjusted.

Fits the following vehicles

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