Professional Motorsport Rally & Offroad ORQ 18/50

The next step in our ORQ series for rally raid and serious off road.

Our first version in the ORQ series, ORQ 16/50, proved to be a success in all kinds of rally raid and off road events. Now the ORQ 18/50 is launche, suitable for off-road and rally raid this new damper features a 50 mm piston and 18 mm piston rod.

The whole design is very robust to withstand the high forces and demands presented in off road such as rally raid and similar events.

Details such as spherical plain bearings and the rebound adjustment has been reinforced. The ORQ 18/50 also features the new improved PDS, Progressive Damping System, feature on Öhlins rally dampers.

It's available in two versions, either with the reservoir in a piggy back version or in a remote hose version. The 18/50 is two way compression adjustable and one way rebound adjustable.

Fits the following vehicles

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ORQ 18/50