Tune Up - PS magazine tests Öhlins TTX GP aftermarket shock for Honda Fireblade SP

Tune Up - PS magazine tests Öhlins TTX GP aftermarket shock for Honda Fireblade SP
Tune Up Honda Fireblade, Bild Ines Männl

The Fireblade has been an icon from the moment it was introduced in 1992 and with every update it has consistently evolved to remain one of the best in class road and track sports bikes. The impressive features about this bike weren't just the incredibly high brake horsepower or the fantastic top speed but the fine balance between strength, agility, low weight and best quality for road and track use.

The latest upgrade of this fantastic machine - the SP model - has even more power, less weight, stronger brakes and a high performance front fork and TTX shock absorber from Öhlins. It is the first time that Honda offers a high end version of the same model and the first time ever that Honda has equipped a street motorcycle with Öhlins.

However, even an incredible bike such as the Fireblade can be optimized in detail and specialist tuners have already started to test different parts and upgrades for it. In the latest issue of the PS magazine (no. 10/2015) you will find the Tune Up – an entertaining story about triplespeed headquarters from Erlangen (Germany) testing different materials to upgrade the Blade.

Alongside other suspension brands triplespeed tested an Öhlins TTX GP shock absorber of the latest specification for the standard model. You may wonder why the tuners chose an Öhlins aftermarket shock for a bike which comes already equipped with Öhlins from the manufacturer. The reason being the shock fits both versions of the Fireblade and so triplespeed wanted to know how they compare; can the TTX GP perform better than the OEM shock?. To find out triplespeed's conclusion please see the PS magazine no. 10/2015.