TUNE IT! SAFE! – With Öhlins Autosport

TUNE IT! SAFE! – With Öhlins Autosport

From the 1st of January 2015 Öhlins DTC is a member of the VDAT e.V., the Association of Automobile Tuners in Germany. Öhlins DTC is an existing member of several Associations in the motorcycle industry and this step highlights our growing involvement in the Automotive tuning scene and its importance within our business model. Our membership of the VDAT will help to expand our growing network of business partners and compliments our own high standards in quality and safety.

The VDAT is a professional institution that represents companies from the tuning and accessories industry and acts in the interests of its members with regards to public matters and legislation of Germany, Europe and worldwide.

The members of the VDAT represent high quality and safe tuning products. Since 2006 the VDAT has announced itself to the public with the campaign TUNE IT! SAFE! Keeping the public aware of safe and unsafe tuning products.

The members are companies from the tuning and accessories industry and promotional members that come from the accessories and media industry.

We look forward to the cooperation and we want to say thank you to Mr. Schmidtke, CEO of the VDAT, for his guidance before joining as a member.

Here you will find further information regarding VDAT e.V.