The Brand New RXF 36 EVO Front Fork

The Brand New RXF 36 EVO Front Fork
RXF36 EVO Front Fork

The original RXF 36 fork had great reviews about the fantastic big hit control and class leading chassis performance but with some inconsistent f eedback about small or medium impacts.

The EVO upgrade gives you a super smooth feeling over small bumps and an increased sensitivity, all together it will be your true all mountain fork. On the small winding trails with roots and rocks it will help you keeping momentum and control. Pointing your wheel down hill you will experience the same traction and control of the original RXF 36 where the TTX dampening and stiff chassis give you a lot of confidence.

The TTX-technology enables parallel and separated oil flow and ensures optimal pressures at all times. Controlling the pressure levels ensures initial smoothness and allows the fork to stay high in travel with maintained bump absorption, traction and stability. Low and high speed compression are externally adjustable and fully independent.


  • New larger negative chamber in the cartridge for better small bump sensitivity
  • SKF seals for better performance in wet conditions and improved longevity
  • Reworked piston for reduced breakaway force and controlled pressure build up
  • TTX technology
  • External rebound adjustment
  • External high speed and low speed adjustment
  • Fits 29 / 27.5 / 27.5+
  • 36 mm stanchion tubes
  • Offset 27,5: 46 mm
  • Offset 29: 51mm
  • 15 x 110 axle (boost)
  • Travel 27,5: 140 mm / 150 mm / 160 mm / 170 mm
  • Travel 29:120 mm / 140 mm / 150 mm / 160 mm


  • Easily tuneable 3 chamber system
  • Main chamber with self-balanced negative air spring
  • Ramp up chamber allowing on trail spring curve adjustment


  • 7 different coil spring rates available

We have positive news for owners of the current RXF 36 forks - these forks can be upgraded to EVO within a 100 hours service. The price for this upgrade will be announced soon.

The Brand New RXF 36 EVO Front Fork
RXF36 EVO Front Fork
The Brand New RXF 36 EVO Front Fork
RXF36 EVO Front Fork