ÖHLINS-Track days at the Nürburgring: NEW DATE!

ÖHLINS-Track days at the Nürburgring: NEW DATE!
Six times ÖHLINS track days at the Nürburgring

ÖHLINS offers six times in 2009 racing practice at the Nürburgring GP-circuit. These Öhlins Track Days are starting at 18:00 and finish at 20.00. The events are organized by Dr. Christoph Scholl and his team. Öhlins technicians from the Test & Distribution Center (DTC) from Meuspath and the Öhlins Service Center 'Ducati am Ring" from Adenau assume chassis technical supervision of the participants. The following date has been changed:

17.08.2009 ÖHLINS-Track Day – evening practice, from 17-20.00 !!!
The date 24./25.08.2009 has been cancelled!!!

Costs of ÖHLINS-Track Days: € 85,- per person/bike. Registrate online here.