Öhlins is official partner of Sport Auto "Perfektionstraining"

Öhlins is official partner of Sport Auto "Perfektionstraining"

As official Partner at "Sport Auto Perfections practise" at the legendary Nordschleife Öhlins DTC supports the participants in an advisory capacity.

The Sport Auto trainings takes place at 27th and 28th of July and at 12th/13th October. Participants have the chance to drive their car on one of the most challenging tracks on earth and to stretch oneself to the limits.
Driving style and racing line can be brought to perfection in two full days also with the help and support of experienced instructors.

Öhlins DTC offers a special service.

Participants have the chance to receive free of charge an analysis and advice for their optimal damper Set-Up. Our experts are available in our garage in Meuspath only two minutes away from the Nordschleife. They will equipe the cars with sensors, drive over measuring slaps and evaluate the datas afterworths together with the customers.

Öhlins DTC looks forward to this event.