Control Unit (ECU)

Öhlins Racing AB has been working with electronically controlled suspension
for more than twenty years and the first patents were actually
made back in 1984. Today, more than two decades later, Öhlins' R&D
department has developed this powerful technique in one of the most
challenging racing series in the World – World Superbike.
The new invention is actually two folded with a control unit and a pair of
Bleed Adjustment Actuators that fits perfectly into the original TTX compression
and rebound valves. You simply pull out the original valves and
then you plug in the Actuators and you are ready to go electronic.
The control unit (ECU) which incorporates Öhlins developed control software
is constantly giving orders to the two Bleed Adjustment Actuators so
that the front and rear suspension is tuned to perfection throughout the race
– think of it as the perfect way of minimizing suspension set-up compromises
during a race.
The Öhlins EC software allows simple set-up to deal with items pinpointed
by the rider and tricky conditions that appears during a lap and during a motorcycle
race. The system will then adapt the suspension settings according
to the requests. The system also allows the rider to choose between different
suspensions maps while riding.
The ambition is to launch this technique as a complete stand alone system
with actuators, ECU and software for the wide TTX aftermarket. The EC
system will be available as a aftermarket product in a near future but for a
limited edition. As the new Bleed Adjustment Actuators fits perfectly into
almost all standard TTX compression and rebound valves it ought to be a
popular feature to tune on your bike.

Bleed Adjustment Actuators
Electronical controlled TTX shock