Öhlins DTC live at the 1000PS TV Show

Öhlins DTC live at the 1000PS TV Show
Öhlins DTC at the 1000PS TV Show, (left to right) Sven, Nils, Martin

Öhlins DTC had been invited to the 1000PS TV Show on 20.02.2019 starting around 6 pm to answer questions regarding suspension technology and inform the audience about the company and its products.

Martin from the sales department and Sven covering the technical side traveled to Vienna to the 1000PS headqurter and spend almost 2 hours on the couch with show host Nils Müller. The TV show was streamed via YouTube whilst the audience sent questions through a live chat. For the first time, 1000PS used an online questionnaire for the audience to vote on different topics and the results could be discussed directly during the show.

Öhlins DTC's Workshop Manager and Race Technician Sven after the show: The audience sent many good questions and I am happy we clarify some legends around suspension technology. It was a nice experience for me and I am confident the audience has learned many things.

Nils, mastermind behind 1000PS was glad how the show went: We received enough questions to go on for two more hours and all the positive feedback at the end is a clear signal from the audience. We might plan a 2nd TV Show with guests from Öhlins.

Öhlins DTC's Sales & Marketing Manager Martin adds: Speaking in front of a camera is not a daily thing for us and we have been nervous when the show started but after a short while we became comfortable and started to enjoy the time with Nils and the audience. We spoke about so many different topics and I was surprised how quick the time went. It looks like we need to plan a part 2.

When Nils announced the end of the show, the audience sent much positive feedback and acknowledged the answers from Öhlins. Some of the visitors already asked for part 2. Martin and Sven had been glad about the positive replies.

Even within the almost 2 hours we could not answer all the questions coming in through the live chat but it is possible to send the question by our online contact form on www.ohlins.eu. offers Martin to the audience.

We like to say "thank you" to Nils and the team of 1000PS for providing a very good show and to the audience for sending so many good questions and remarks. The show can be watched via YouTube.