New! TT1Air and TTX2Air

New! TT1Air and TTX2Air

Advanced suspension technology manufacturer Öhlins today launched a new sibling to their highly successful TTXAir shock. The new TTX1Air is a high performance compact, robust air sprung shock with a single can design. This sits alongside our current double can design for the TTXAir, now renamed TTX2Air; allowing riders to optimize the air volume requirements to any stroke, linkage progressivity or linkage rate.

TTX is Öhlins’ signature damping technology and both TTXAir shocks have this latest twin tube design. The TTX system is famous for its extremely well balanced damping pressures; that always deliver unrivalled control and flawless damping without cavitation in all riding conditions. Twin tube technology ensures stable and predictable damping forces keeping the rider safe and in full control.

Now also featuring a new slimmer fit end-eye design on the TTX1Air to fit more frame designs. A specific wiper seal and air sleeve lubrication reduces friction and delivers consistent performance between service intervals, Öhlins have also increased the maximum air pressure to handle a wider range of riders and e-MTB requirements.

TTX1Air is a shock perfect for bikes with a linear shock curve and needing a progressive spring. Whereas the TTX2Air’s double can design delivers a larger freedom to adjust the spring curve through a greater ability to adjust air volume spacing; more suited to bikes with progressive linkage ratios. Both feature 3 positions of adjustable high speed compression.

Further information you will find in the product news attached. The products will be available in December.

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