International German Cross Country, first round, 08. May 2011

A new record , 829 riders by the first round of international German cross country in Walldorf /Germany, Since 8 weeks no rain on this track give to the promoter a lot of problems about dust, but all races in all categories go on the start line , With Aigar Leok ( 450 Fi ) and Christian Weiss ( 300 MX ) two riders from TM Racing go on the start in the fastest “proclass“.

Aigar comes as factory rider from TM Racing italy the first time to a GCC Race , he was impressed from so many riders on one weekend and how many spectators look for this kind of Offroad racing, GGC it is the biggest offroad race series in Europe, Christian was 2009 and 2010 the best german rider in this kind of racing and he will fight again for this title, Aigar and Christian had a very bad start and go as 15th and 16th in the first lap, the dust from the riders in front gave a
lot of problems to our two riders, but both are fighting very hard and very strong Aigar catch every lap one or two riders each round and can finished at third , Christian follow him long times, goes into
the last lap on place fourth, but he had a little crash and finished at sixth, so we have Aigar and Christian in the top ten, Christian was a little bit said about his mistake in the last lap, but we can see what speed he can go with the fast TM Racing 300. Aigar see that he have the speed for winning, he lost a lot of time in the first two laps about the dust, the complete team hope that he will come back for some race more in the GCC

1. H. Vogels ( NL ) Husaberg, 2. P. Goncalves ( P ) HVA, 3. Aigar Leok ( EE) TM Racing , 4. D. Schröter ( D) HVA, 5. D.Fretigne ( F) HVA , 6. Christian Weiß (D) TM Racing

in the class expert we had also two riders on the start line , Maximilian Kleylein ( TM Racing 125cc) and Kay Schwarz ( TM Racing 300) , Max stay in the last row by the start and he show us what is possible with a 125cc , he finished after a hard and dusty race at 5th by his first race in this class, Kay Schwarz finished at 18th in this high level class.

Not on the start line our third xxpert rider Jens Schreiber ( TM Racing 450 FI ) he stay at home with a broken shoulder.

In the sportsmen class and amateurs we had 12 riders more with great results on bikes from TM Racing.

P.Goncalves H.Vogels Aigar Leok Maximilian Kleylein Christian Weiss

The next round GCC is on 29,of May in Mariesfeld.
The next start of Christian is on 15. of May in Berching, German Motocross Trophy