Best Brand -PS Readers choice award

Best Brand -PS Readers choice award

This year, for the 17th time, readers took part in the renowned readers' choice "PS-the best sports motorcycles", in which the best brands from the clothing, accessories and services sectors are chosen.

A total of 11,536 readers and users of PS took part in the readers' poll.

The Best Brands were awarded in 12 categories.

As in previous years, Öhlins was voted to the top of the Best Brand podium.

In the "Suspension tuning" category, this means first place for Öhlins with a large gap to other contenders:

1st place: 76.7% for Öhlins

2nd place: 43% for Wilbers

3rd place: 34.6% for Showa.

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and will continue to do everything we can to offer outstanding service and products.